About Providence Catholic School

Providence—Committed to Catholic Education

Alicia Garcia, Principal, Providence Catholic School

Since 1951, Providence Catholic School has been a constant presence in Catholic education in the San Antonio community. Built on historic property near the downtown area, the Sisters of Divine Providence consolidated five of their smaller high schools to establish Providence High School. By expanding enrollment in 2005 to include middle school grades 6-8, Providence created a unique opportunity for single gender education for girls in San Antonio. Keeping true to the core values of excellence, integrity, faith and justice, Providence has graduated more than 6,000 young women--many who live, work and make a difference in the San Antonio community and the world at large.

As the school’s principal and representative of the Sisters of Divine Providence, I work closely with our faculty, staff, board, and parents to ensure the mission of Providence is the motivation and strength behind everything we do at the school. From the classroom to the sports fields, from the boardroom to the parents’ organization, Providence is what guides us.

Since the time the school first opened its doors, things have changed in our city, our country and the world. Providence prepares young women for success in meeting the challenges of a changing world. In order to do so, we offer the students strong core curriculum, innovative electives, a faith enriched environment, and community outreach opportunities.

Providence has partnered with businesses in an Internship Program. Seniors interested in a particular field of work or study are able to become ready for the future with real-life working experience. Interns work 3-4 hours a week at businesses such as La Prensa, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, WOAI, and Methodist Healthcare. 

The Broadcast Journalism and Video Editing classes work with modern technology every day as they produce the school-wide announcements each morning for Provet TV.  The students in these classes also produce videos for use in the school’s advancement and alumnae activities.

The Campus Ministry at Providence prepares our students to become women of faith.   Campus Ministry leads and engages our students in service projects, participation in monthly liturgies, and other faith-based exercises.

Providence students at all grades are encouraged to participate in local, state and national academic competitions where they consistently gain national recognition in the area of language studies--Spanish, French, and Latin. Multiple local and state awards are earned by Visual Arts students, and the Marian Choristers and Show Choir. 

I believe Providence Catholic School will continue to graduate leaders, learners, women of faith and justice. And, these young women will help strengthen the future of Catholic education in San Antonio and beyond.