Middle School Division - Fine Arts offerings include visual arts, drama, choir, and dance. Visual arts — drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, etc. — are offered in the James and Estela Avery Art Studio. Drama and/or choir classes allow the students to develop their special talents in acting or singing. Prep students may audition for parts in the two co-curricular drama productions of Providence High School. Dance includes learning various styles of dance as well as the elements of choreography.

High School Division - The visual and performing arts curriculum strives to create an awareness and appreciation of the arts. Four basic strands—perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation—provide broad, unifying structures for organizing the knowledge and skills students are expected to acquire. Students have an opportunity to develop and express their personal creative abilities through art, photography, dance, theatre, musical theatre, choir and band. For truly exceptional students, there is the opportunity for independent study.