For decades, Providence educators have known that parental involvement is one of the most powerful drivers of student achievement and school performance. What has changed significantly in the world of  education, however, is that new web-based technologies have made it possible for our school to increase parental involvement in ways that were simply impossible before – using cost-effective technology solutions that have broad, sweeping impact across all subject areas, all grade levels, and at all performance levels – truly has transformed our learning community.

PlusPortals put simply is the Internet communication link between teachers, parents and students.

Increase parent involvement and raise student achievement

PlusPortals makes it easy for our teachers to manage their classroom and activities via web pages that contain the daily, mission-critical information parents need to guide their daughter, enrich her education and become effective school partners in raising student achievement.

A 360 degree view of school life. From the classroom to the sports field to the cafeteria to the library, PlusPortals provides a simple, single point of access to all of the key information students and parents need: homework, grades, attendance, progress reports, activity schedules, athletic scores, lunch menus, school news, resources, and more.