2024-25 High School Tuition and Fees Schedule
2024-25 Middle School Tuition and Fees Schedule
2024-25 International Tuition and Fees Schedule

Paying Your Tuition


Tuition Payments are made online via the FACTS Tuition Management system.  This system is also used for Financial Aid assessment. 


FACTS provides flexible payment plan options to families. Families can budget their tuition, making a Providence education more accessible and affordable. The process is simple, convenient, and secure.


To set up your FACTS agreement, go to Once your information is received and processed by FACTS, you will receive a confirmation notice. This notice will confirm your payment plan information. Please check this information for accuracy, and contact your school or FACTS with any discrepancies.


There is a 15 day grace period for all payment options.  Refer to tuition and fees schedule for other Tuition Payment Options. Discounts for Annual and Semi Annual payments are available.

Scholarships, Grants, Discounts and Tuition Assistance

2024-25 Scholarships and Assistance Opportunities