Middle School Division - Religious studies begin in sixth grade with a study of the Old Testament and the establishment of God’s covenant with the Israelites. Seventh graders focus on the New Testament and the full revelation of God in the person of Jesus Christ. They also are involved in a deeper study of what it means to be a moral person. Eighth graders concentrate on understanding the Church’s history and relevance in our modern world, as well as studying our Trinitarian God as revealed in the scriptures and Church Tradition. Students participate in monthly liturgies as members of the liturgical choir, readers and/or acolytes. Service hours are also required of all Prep students.

High School Division - The philosophy of the Religion Department of Providence High School is to provide basic information regarding the Catholic faith and Christian principles with the view of aiding students to become knowledgeable, correctly informed persons who actively participate in liturgical and Para liturgical experiences. Along with the faith community of Providence High School and the local community, students are encouraged to contribute to the development and realization of Christian living which is authentic, vital and apostolic.