Providence Catholic School’s Physical Education department believes that in order to mold young women into learners, leaders and women of faith and justice, a solid foundation in physical education is imperative to build each student’s capacity for learning.  Throughout the Physical Education program, students will learn to care for the mind, body and spirit through the teaching and practice of physical activity and wellness behaviors.  Students will develop the basic skills needed for a life of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. This department believes that health and wellness education must continue outside of the classroom and school, so community activities and communication with parents is important and must take place routinely through the department’s community activities.


The Providence Physical Education Department is proud to provide two STEM based high school elective courses- Sports Medicine and Health Science. Providence is the only area Catholic High School that offers these courses. Students gain a preview into health care through these interactive courses. Students complete many hands on activities and may become CPR and First Aid certified. Students may also use these courses to build a baseline in their learning in preparation for Psychology and Sociology and as a senior, Internship. Participating in such coursework in high school will provide students with the best opportunity for exposure to and preparation for a successful career in health care.