“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa

Kathleen Picard Hingst, 1957 Providence Alumna, and her husband, Ronald A. Hingst, believe in the value of a Catholic education.  A belief so great that, in 2005, they generously gifted Providence Catholic School (Providence) with $500,000.00, in perpetuity, to establish The Hingst Family Tuition Assistance Grant (referred to as The Hingst Endowment).  Providence remains deeply grateful to the Hingsts.

The Hingst Endowment, a restricted investment fund, provides one-time, nonrecurring tuition assistance to a student(s) who enrolls at Providence in the ninth grade, and to a Providence graduate(s) who enrolls as a freshman at a San Antonio Catholic university.  Awards are dependent on the availability of funds.

Since the initial tuition assistance awards in May 2007, many Providence students’ educational experience has blossomed.  This financial assistance fulfills the Hingst’s desire to provide the opportunity for young women at Providence to continue with a Catholic education. 

Mrs. Hingst grew up in a military family and moved often to new schools. She came to Providence as a sophomore, and was grateful to be welcomed so graciously into the Providence family. She has fond memories of her teachers and classmates, and as a “Golden Girl” cherished celebrating her 50th Class Reunion in 2007.

The generosity of the Hingst’s continues to create ripples of Catholic educational opportunity at Providence…a place of learners, leaders and women of faith and justice



Ms. Liz Smith was one of the first lay teachers hired by the Sisters of Divine Providence at Providence High School in 1970. Before she retired in 2000, she served as PE Teacher, Dean of Students, and supported data services in her 30 years of service to Providence High School.

In 1990, the Philotheon documented Ms. Smith’s love for the outdoors and described her has an “ardent conservationist”.  She guided many Provets with tough discipline, but has returned in recent years to see her students as strong women at class reunions. Former principals and her colleagues describe her as a strong woman of Providence with many gifts that she shared with the community.

We honor the life and service of Ms. Smith.


Providence Catholic School Endowment-Building a Sustainable Future

If you would like to contribute to the Liz Smith Endowment Fund or set up another endowment, please contact the Executive Director of Advancement, Elise Denoux, ACDP or call 210-224-6651 x227