Middle School Division - Math at Providence Middle School is based on a connected math concept. While sixth graders concentrate on mastering basic operations, they are also working with word problems that reflect real-life situations in the home, community and world. Seventh graders continue this approach while strengthening their understanding of pre-algebra fundamentals such as integers and solving basic equations. Eighth graders, based on standardized test scores, end of 7th grade course test and math average, may take the integrated algebra/geometry course and receive high school credit at Providence.

High School Division - The mathematics curriculum seeks to prepare the student for today's mathematically dependent society by offering a wide variety of courses. Program offerings include the traditional triad of algebra, geometry and functions as well as other courses to prepare students for upper level science courses and college math. In all math courses, students are given numerous opportunities to solve a variety of problems in context. All students are required to purchase their own scientific calculator.