Middle School Division - Computer Technology is so much a part of each student’s learning at Providence Preparatory that it is difficult to limit it to a course selection. However, 8th grade students do take a BCIS course that satisfies a prerequisite for technology courses in the high school and 6th graders take an introductory technology class. Students in all grades use the computer lab and computers in the library for research. They generate Power Point presentations for classes and submit final copies of essays and projects using the Microsoft Word and Publisher programs.

High School Division - Using a windows-based operating system, students learn end-user software skills in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, and desktop publishing or programming. Students also learn computer networking concepts, basic computer repair techniques and configuration of many software operating systems. The chief objective is to provide students with the computer skills necessary to function proficiently in a technology-dominated society. One credit of computers is required for graduation.