The purpose of the Providence Alumnae Association is to engage alumnae, promote and preserve a strong relationship  between alumnae and the school. The Alumnae Association's goal is to promote Providence Catholic School and its ideals of Faith, Justice, Integrity, and Excellence, as well as support students through financial aid and scholarships.

Providence Alumnae Association Announces Its First Scholarship Recipients

Association has also raised nearly $12,000 in emergency aid for families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Providence Alumnae Association (PAA) has selected their inaugural class of scholarship recipients. Fifteen girls will be awarded a one-time $200 or $300 award, depending on the specific scholarship earned to support their continued education at Providence Catholic School. Each girl was selected after completing a short essay and displaying commendable academic achievement and representation of the Providence core values. Funded by the PAA through membership dues, fundraisers, and corporate and philanthropic gifts, the scholarship program was designed to increase retention among current students, especially Legacy or alumnae families. 

This first iteration of the scholarship program was led by Erica Sosa, Ph.D ‘99. “My time at Providence was pivotal in my development and goal to be a confident, compassionate, Latina leader in my community. I very much want all young ladies to have an opportunity to gain these valuable experiences no matter their financial background. My work as the Scholarship Chair has allowed me to play an important role in distributing financial support to students to access similar experiences as I had." Applications were accepted from students who have registered for the upcoming school year. After receiving 95 applications across the five*scholarship tracks, fifteen students were selected by the Scholarship Committee. 

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 PAA Scholarship Recipients!

The PAA awarded $8000 in scholarships at varying levels to 30 returning Providence students. PAA Scholarship funds are raised through alumnae association membership fees and PAA fundraising events.

Alejandra Garza '27, Ashli Driskill '22, Alyssa Martinez '25, Aribella Franceschini '25, Cianna Sancez '25, Kaylee Viera '25, Paulina Belen Oscari '25, Sarah Medellin '25, Sofia Lopez '25, Triny Sophia Gaddy '25, Careum Faughtenbery '25, Cassandra Ibarra '24, Hannah Jones '23, Hilary Salas '24, Isabelle Stephens '22, Reagan Carlton '23, Andrea Ibarra '27, Isabelle Gonzalez '26, Tania Hernandez '23, Zora Eastman '26, Alexandra Renteria '22, Anastazja Mayorga '27, Charlise DeSpain '23, Jenna Diaz '22, Jordan Zimmerle Wilson '27, Kalysta Martin '24, Mariela Mozingo '24, and Paige Jones '23.

Below is the inaugural class of Providence Alumnae Association scholarship recipients.

Continuation Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $200 to Providence 8th Grade Graduates continuing to the high school program in the 2020-2021 school year. Congratulations to Daniella Flores, Cassandra Ibarra, Kalysta Martin, and Nadia Trevino.

Resilience Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $300 to the following students: Jenna Diaz ‘22, Ashli Driskill ‘22, Triny Sophia Gaddy (MS ‘21), Celeste Hernandez (MS ‘22), and Jordan Zimmerle Wilson (MS ‘23).

Service Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $300 to the following students: Reagan Carlton ‘23, Aribella Franceschini (MS ‘21), and Kristen Howell ‘21.

Leadership Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $300 to the following students: Trinity Gres ‘23, Sarah Hauck ‘21, and Victoria Trevino ‘21.

I am beyond grateful for the work the PAA has done in this first year.  Many of our alumnae of whom I have had the pleasure to meet and work with are incredibly passionate and intelligent women. I know first hand the financial impact the PAA has been able to make on our current students. This is another example of the sisterhood at Providence.  I cannot wait to see the PAA grow and make a larger impact on our community,” said Elise Denoux, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Providence Catholic School. Beckie Crispino Hernandez ‘80, Treasurer of the Alumnae Association added, “It has been great to work with so many accomplished young women to achieve our common goals. The scholarship program was the biggest learning experience for me and it was accomplished so very organized and smoothly. We will continue to assist Providence to reach out to its alumnae to keep them engaged with the school, its current students, and each other.”

*Note: The Legacy Scholarship Program was absorbed into the Resilience Scholarship Program this year due to lack of applicants. Future Legacy scholarships will be awarded to students of members of the Providence Alumnae Association who meet scholarship requirements.


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Current leadership members:

Jasmin Hernandez ‘07, President

Ivana Riojas ‘08, Vice President

Kyralyssa Sanchez '07, Secretary

Gina Guerra ‘88, Treasurer

Marisela Valle '00, Chairwoman: Scholarship

Victoria Oscari '00, Chairwoman: Fundraising

Lucrecia Rodriguez '88, Chairwoman: Nominating

Raquel Alvarado '86, Chairwoman: Sisterhood/Events

Natalie Gutierrez '88, Chairwoman: Public Relations



Dr. Alicia Garcia, Principal, Providence Catholic School

Valerie Geckler '03, Board of Director Liaison