The Plaid Skirt, the literary magazine of Providence Catholic School, came into first publication in 2007, under the name of The Plaid Skirt Perspective.  The title comes from the fact that in Providence history, the plaid skirt currently worn by high school students was first initiated in that year.  Dr. Cynthia Hawkins (d. 2017), a member of the English department, inaugurated the magazine with a contest to have professional writers critique the stories written by students.  

Since that first issue, The Plaid Skirt has had a history in which it was in hiatus for a number of years, resuscitated by a Journalism class, taken by semester-long creative writing classes, and finally in 2019, came under the auspices of the Media Consortium class, which also produces issues of The Provue student newspaper, and The Philothean, the Providence yearbook.  Class members themselves write short stories, poems, and offer artwork, while also working with the student body to solicit other works from both the middle school and high school students.

Please enjoy the current issue of The Plaid Skirt presented here.

The Plaid Skirt 2022 (Part 1)
The Plaid Skirt 2022 (Part 2)