We understand that when it comes to your daughter’s education, you have options. At Providence, we are committed to educating the WHOLE child. Our goal is to foster an environment that is rich in love and faith, one that will help your daughter reach her fullest potential and be ready for the world of today AND tomorrow.

Hear it from our students, parents and alumnae themselves.

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Student Testimonials

I would tell someone to choose Providence because of its impressive academics, award-winning fine arts department, and the comradery one would find at the school. Providence allows for students grades six through twelve to receive a great education that will adequately prepare them for college. The fine arts department allows for students to choose the fine art that they could excel in best, and continue to learn more about it through classes, clubs, and other programs such as plays, recitals, and concerts. The comradery at Providence allows for students to feel welcomed when they enroll at the school. This also gives them a chance to make friends and have fun while learning. These are the reasons I would tell a prospective student and her family to choose Providence. 

My favorite thing about Providence is the opportunities I have received as a Provet. Not only have I had the privilege of being a member of Progressions Dance Troupe for three years, but I have also been able to be the feature twirler for Providence, which has allowed me to represent the school all over the state of Texas. I had the honor of being the first twirler for the Central Catholic and Providence Button Band. Because of Providence’s help, I’ve accomplished my dream to twirl in high school. Because of this opportunity, I have gotten to spread the gift that God has given me with many people during my time twirling for Providence. I am confident that anyone who goes to school here will be able to find the sport, fine art, or any other program they wish to participate in at Providence.”    - Alessandra Marotta ‘20


“Why choose Providence? That’s the question I am most prepared to answer. Choosing which school to attend is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and I believe Providence has numerous things to offer which would cause a prospective student to find Providence to be the best choice for her. Compared to public schools, Providence is much smaller, which creates closer bonds between students, and allows for more one-on-one time with teachers. The teachers truly care and make sacrifices in the hopes of a bright future for their students. Providence also has a strong sisterhood that can’t be found at co-ed schools, and my friends have quickly become family to me.  

One of the most effective structures at Providence is our block scheduling, which is an amazing way of practicing time-management and preparing students for college. Outside of schoolwork, students find their interests and passions in Providence’s clubs, sports, and organizations. Personally, my favorite thing about Providence is the family environment. It seems normal in many schools for students to dread being there, but I truly enjoy each day at Providence. Every morning when I walk into school, I am greeted by someone with a friendly smile and my day starts positively. I hope to continue being a Student Ambassador so that I may promote the reasons that I love Providence to others, make them feel welcomed and appreciated, and be a positive part of their lives just as my Providence family has been for me. I will do this by speaking about the school in a positive way, attending as many Ambassador events as possible, and contributing to keeping a high morale among the student body so that everyone may exhibit the blessings of attending Providence Catholic School.”  -Faith Bruce ‘20

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Parent Testimonials

“Providence has made all the difference in my daughter's self-esteem, confidence, and spiritual growth. The supportive and encouraging environment rooted in the core values of being a Providence woman will make a lasting impact on the rest of her life.”

-Justina Gonzalez, Parent '20


"We were all a little anxious when this whole distance learning thing became a reality. 

Although there were a few bumps in the road in the beginning, the teachers and the students learned together what their new normal should be. I know the girls miss seeing each other and their teachers because I hear the class chat notifications going off all day. :)

Providence already had an online portal in place for the students to access homework, turn in assignments, and keep track of their grades so they were already very familiar with working online. The online portal helped to keep my daughter organized and make sure assignments were getting completed. Compared to many others areas schools I think Providence was ahead of the game transitioning to online learning."

-Trish Franceschini, Parent '25


The teachers at Providence are very committed and dedicated to seeing that all the girls succeed. They truly care about each student's well-being! Because Providence is an all-girls Catholic school, there is a special bond and sense of community that is welcoming and inclusive of everyone. My daughters describe it as positive, uplifting and very supportive. The camaraderie that these three sisters experience daily at Providence is a different kind of sisterhood!

- Janet Mefrige 

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Alumnae Testimonials

“I was in the first ever 6th grade class when Providence opened its doors to the middle school for the first time in 2005. I was in the first graduating senior class to receive a Providence education for all 7 years. Providence quickly became my home and helped shape me into the young woman of faith and integrity that I am today. The strong academics of the middle school prepared me for the challenges that awaited me in high school. The academic rigor of the high school curriculum prepared me for college. Providence Catholic School is a home away from home for diverse young women of Faith, integrity, excellence and justice, who want to make a change in the world. It is a welcoming sisterhood like no other - rooted in the faith of our Provident God and committed in seeing one another succeed. The Providence legacy and sisterhood is more than just middle school and high school; it is for life.”   –Sara Garza ‘12