The PROVUE is the published newspaper of the Providence Media Consortium class. The class is composed of tenth through twelfth grade students who want to write, to learn about publication, and to have a hand in the production of The Philothean, the Providence yearbook.

Through the PROVUE, students are able to stay informed with campus news and activities; Media Consortium aims to publish a fall and spring edition each academic year.

Students learn about the writing style associated with different types of articles, from hard news to features, from sports to editorials.  They experience how the free speech clause of the First Amendment applies in a student publication, and how the publisher - the school principal - has final editorial authority regarding stories.  Best of all, students learn the difference between writing as a journalist versus writing as a student in an academic course.

The Provue staff wishes you happy reading as you peruse these past issues of the school newspaper.

The Provue: Volume 72, Issue 2, 2022-23