The PROVUE is the published newspaper of the Providence Desktop Publishing class. The class is composed of talented student writers who are always looking for the latest scoop.  Through the PROVUE, students are able to stay informed with campus news and activities as well as local or global issues.

“The PROVUE allows students to get their voices out in the school community,” says staff writer Sarah Tovar. “A diverse group of young ladies are working together to contribute news by way of their own personalities. I would have never gotten to know these girls if I hadn’t been in this class,” adds Sarah.

Further contributing to the diversity of the staff, three middle school representatives were invited to keep the school informed of middle school events.  “It’s awesome! It makes me feel like I’m more involved the high school,” says 8th grader Sophia Christilles, “I’m also really glad they are giving us an opportunity to speak out.”

The PROVUE Staff looks forward to writing for the Providence Community throughout the school year.

View our latest issue below:

The Provue: Volume 69, Issue 1, November 2020