Providence has WAIVED the requirement of the HSPT for all incoming High School Students for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

Academic Testing and Grades are still used for academic placement into advanced or on level courses for high school courses. Any recent standardized test scores must be submitted with the student's application. (NWEA, PSAT, IOWA, STAAR, or HSPT)

HSPT Testing Waived Flyer.png


All NEW Middle School Students are required to take the MSPT at Providence in the Spring.

Providence will conduct middle school placement test day(s) in the Spring of each year for all students who have applied in order to assist in academic scheduling.


 Admission to Providence Catholic School is open to girls regardless of religious or ethnic background.  Because all persons need the means to establish personal value systems, the school admits students with varying abilities if their needs can be met at Providence. 


Students requiring additional support (Academic, Behavioral, Physical, Social-Emotional) must share this information on the application. All students will be given the same consideration and will be provided an opportunity for admission. An interview with the school counselor, parent, and assistant principal will be conducted in order for Providence to discuss student needs.


Criteria Used for the Admissions Decision:

1.      Current Grade Report Card

2.      Most Recent Standardized Test Scores (i.e. PSAT, NWEA, STAAR, IOWA, HSPT)

3.      Attendance Record

4.      Discipline Record

5.      Teacher and/or Principal Recommendations

6.      Interview with Student and Parents/Legal Guardians may be requested.


Providence Catholic School does not discriminate in the administration of its admissions and education policies on the basis of race, color, or nationality and ethnic origin.